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Hello :) Thanks for stopping by. I've been practicing my passion for storytelling in a marketing or sales capacity for 15+ years combined. Please read on to learn more or if you're keen to see samples of my work, head straight to my portfolio.

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About Me

I'm a multilingual, wine-loving, traveller who chose to focus on strategic sales and marketing as a career. I can get by conversationally in French and I grew up speaking Khmer at home. I can even talk wine geek lingo ;)


I learned as a young child how language is reflective of cultural perspectives and nuances. It was revealing to later learn that many Khmer words are derived from French, a marker of France's colonial history in that region. We're connected in ways we may not even realize, I learned.

Fascinated with people and behaviour, I fulfilled my curiosity by majoring in sociology whilst attending Western University.

My curiosity brought me to working in marketing as well as sales in various industries: medical, social enterprise, utilities, travel, and wine. 

I bring passion to my work and have gained skills that contribute to being a strong marketer and sales professional, one who loves to analyze trends and exceed targets. 

Strategic sales and marketing is what I do because I love seeing all the dots connect. I love the satisfaction of how research, planning, and action can result in a desirable outcome. Plus, I love connecting with people. 


I strive to evoke emotions and bring about action with my work. 

Explore my portfolio to learn how I've done this.

Where I Started

I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and spent the first three and a half years of my life there. My next home was where my parents, brother, and I settled when we immigrated to Canada -- Hamilton, Ontario. This city will always have a special place in my heart. So will London, Ontario, where I attended Western University for four years and graduated with an honors BA.

I've studied French in Quebec, communications in Belgium, and I've explored parts of Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Experiencing different cultures directly has given me a better understanding and appreciation of our differences. Yet, I see we share more similarities than differences. We just choose to focus on the latter more. 

I called the stunning city of Vancouver home for 11 years and now reside on the luscious North Shore. 

Canada has issues to work through. Still, I'm a proud Canadian. My passport has allowed me to explore the world easily and learn about other cultures firsthand. I live and work in one of the most beautiful and safest places on earth. On top of all this, I can meet people from all over the world here. I feel very fortunate. 

And I feel lucky I've settled in a creative and challenging career that speaks to my fascination with people and behaviour. 

- Vanny

p.s. If you'd like a wine recommendation, let me know. I'm also an aspiring wine nerd ;)

Professional Skills 

Sales Strategy. Research, analysis, planning, cold calling, relationship building & management then implementing tactics to meet and exceed targets, goals, and KPIs. 

Marketing campaigns. From conceptualization to development to execution then analysis, I strategize. 


Brand Messaging. Storytelling using language, visuals, and sometimes all five senses. 


Public Speaking. Put me in front of live audiences, social media videos, or presentations. 


Social Media Marketing. Strategic planning, creation, and implementation to support brand and promotions.

Public Relations. Strategic communications, news releases, media relations, crisis communications. 


Reports and Proposals. Numbers don't lie, and they're compelling. I use them in my storytelling whenever possible. 

Project Management. Planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. 

Words that made my day

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