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Digital Marketing

Timely campaigns using email and social media.

I plan, implement and execute the activities which include sourcing images, writing copy, and then scheduling to send/publish. 

Case Study: "Celebrating Achievements" highlighted the amazing women associated with Trialto connecting them to an important day of recognition, International Women's Day.


  1. Bring awareness to Trialto's women led wineries by highlighting their achievements in a male dominated industry. 

  2. Personalize Trialto's brand by highlighting some of the amazing women in the company. 

  3. Evoke emotion and a connection with the above.

Check out what I did...

I also sent out an email to the consumer list that included three wines widely available that are/were led by the three women pictured in the image to the left, accompanied by this introduction I wrote and a short description of each of them. 

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